Template:FedCom FedCom lies on the thin line between being a Federal Republic and a Confederation.

Member States enjoy a high degree of autonomy, trading the ability to engage in foreign relations for the protection and support of the larger whole.

Member States

States are autonomous self-governing regions, each with their own government of the people's choice. They do not have or require any direct Federal oversight, and are responsible for their own issues.


File:Flag of Libertalia.svg
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The Malatorian Commonwealth of Libertalia was the first state admitted to Malatora.

Libertalia began life as an independent micronation (named Novus Seres), but joined as a Member State after a short alliance with the Federated Commonwealth.


Provinces are usually slightly smaller than territories, but they are governed by a special Council of locally-chosen inhabitants, which is overseen by a Federal Legate. Provinces are typically developed into States (with the exception of the National Redoubt).

National Redoubt

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The seat of FedCom power, the Redoubt is administered directly by the Federal Government, and is outside the jurisdiction of all Member States. The Tatsu Eyrie arcology will form an integral part of the Redoubt. Currently undergoing final design revisions, the fortified Redoubt will eventually serve as the nerve-center of the nation, and is designed to survive and repel a full-scale invasion. FedCom will not "officially" declare independence until this facility is operational, though it will maintain a de facto state of independence in the meantime.


Territories are large regions, governed by the Federal government through an appointed Governor, who is granted extensive administrative powers. Territories are typically developed into Provinces.

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