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English is the de facto official national language in FedCom, and the only common language understood by all Malatorans.

The most popular dialect of English is rhotic, and similar to what the main Wikipedia calls "General American".  There are differences, however — for example, the use of "aluminium" instead of the American "aluminum".

Alphabet reformEdit

There is some interest in changing the alphabet used to represent the spoken language in FedCom.  Presently, the Latin-based English alphabet is dominant in writing.

A gradually increasing trend is in favor of shifting to the Shavian alphabet.  It remains to be seen if this alphabet will supplant the current one, but that is the projection for the future.

Shavian alphabetEdit

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Tall and deep letters:
Shavian letter ShavianPeep ShavianBib ShavianTot ShavianDud ShavianKick ShavianGig ShavianFee ShavianVow ShavianThigh ShavianThey ShavianSo ShavianZoo ShavianSure ShavianGenre ShavianChurch ShavianJudge ShavianYay ShavianWoah ShavianIng ShavianHa
Unicode text 𐑐 𐑚 𐑑 𐑛 𐑒 𐑜 𐑓 𐑝 𐑔 𐑞 𐑕 𐑟 𐑖 𐑠 𐑗 𐑡 𐑘 𐑢 𐑙 𐑣
Pronunciation /p/ /b/ /t/ /d/ /k/ /ɡ/ /f/ /v/ /θ/ /ð/ /s/ /z/ /ʃ/ /ʒ/ /tʃ/ /dʒ/ /j/ /w/ /ŋ/ /h/
Example peep bib tot dead kick gag fee vow thigh they so zoo sure measure church judge yea woe hung ha-ha

Short letters:
ShavianLoll ShavianRoar ShavianMime ShavianNun ShavianIf ShavianEat ShavianEgg ShavianAge ShavianAsh ShavianIce ShavianAdo ShavianUp ShavianOn ShavianOak ShavianWool ShavianOoze ShavianOut ShavianOil ShavianAh ShavianAwe
𐑤 𐑮 𐑥 𐑯 𐑦 𐑰 𐑧 𐑱 𐑨 𐑲 𐑩 𐑳 𐑪 𐑴 𐑫 𐑵 𐑬 𐑶 𐑭 𐑷
/l/ /ɹ/ /m/ /n/ /ɪ/ /iː/ /ɛ/ /eɪ/ /æ/ /aɪ/ /ə/ /ʌ/ /ɒ/ /oʊ/ /ʊ/ /uː/ /aʊ/ /ɔɪ/ /ɑː/ /ɔː/
loll roar mime nun if eat egg age ash ice ado up on oak wool ooze out oil ah awe

ShavianAre ShavianOr ShavianAir ShavianUrge ShavianUrbane ShavianEar ShavianIan ShavianYew
𐑸 𐑹 𐑺 𐑻 𐑼 𐑽 𐑾 𐑿
/ɑɚ/ /ɔɚ/ /ɛɚ/ /ɝ/ /ɚ/ /ɪɚ/ /ɪə/ /juː/
are or air err array ear Ian yew

Malatoran customizationsEdit

The Malatoran use of the Shavian alphabet differs somewhat from the way it is used elsewhere.  Most other communities use the only book yet published in the Shavian alphabet (Androcles and the Lion) as the "official" source for proper form and spelling conventions.  Malatorans are developing their own conventions, ignoring this book, and have thus started to make the alphabet their own.

Major differences include:

  • a more "literal" interpretation of phonetic spelling, adapted to match the Malatoran dialect of English (which is not the same as the British pronunciation)
  • elimination of abbreviated words, favoring pure phonetics
  • foreign words are transcribed into Shavian text, instead of using their native script (this allows easy reading for anyone familiar with Shavian, but unfamiliar with the other script)
  • ...various other small differences that violate many "formal" Shavian "policies" (these so-called "policies" are outlined here)
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