FedCom is a Federation divided into semi-autonomous regions called Member-States, Provinces, and Territories.  These titles are only used as needed, so they can be empty under certain circumstances.

  • Territories:
    Generally, when a region is initially annexed by FedCom, it becomes a Territory.  These unincorporated regions are generally managed by a government established by FedCom's Federal Government, and run as a puppet state.  During this period, the Federal Government oversees the territory's development, launching programs to improve it.
  • Provinces:
    As a territory develops, it will eventually transition to Province status, and will become self-governing.  The Federal Government ceases to have direct control over the region, and the population of that region takes over managing their own affairs.
  • Member-States:
    Once the Province stabilizes and develops a fully functional economy and government, it will become a Member-State, and achieve a high degree of political autonomy.

Current Regions of FedCom:Edit

Former Regions of FedCom:Edit

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