A barryd (pronounced "bare-id") is a special type of eco-neutral miniature arcology, usually possessing an organic shape that blends into the surrounding environment.  They are usually built from shells of reinforced concrete, and erected as monolithic segments.  They are commonly found on the tops of hills, leaving the valleys to agriculture and nature.

Barryds differ from traditional human structures by their flowing organic curves, as well as often being coated by living grasses and mosses.  Whereas traditional construction paves over and sterilizes the ground, a barryd creates a sort of "bubble" of habitation, allowing nature to flow over and around the structure.  The design is meant to work with nature, with a miniscule impact on the surrounding and global biosphere.  A society utilizing barryds need not fight for dominance over the natural environment, and does not pollute or contribute to global warming... in fact, the barryd design can play a role in reversing global warming.

Barryds are all arcologies, but not at the extreme scale envisioned by traditional architects.  The typical barryd is designed to comfortably house 20,000 humanoids — the largest would probably only shelter 50,000 people.  All barryds are optimized for environmental and energy sustainability, and each is fully self-sufficient for its population.

Barryds can easily connect to each other via a raised mag-lev high-speed train network, becoming a network of small cities.

List of barryds:Edit

Many barryds in FedCom are designed to specialize in a specific task, and will feature unique facilities that optimize them for these purposes.

  • Agria — agriculture, agronomy & plant breeding
  • Atlantis — naval architecture, ocean exploration, aquaculture (sea platform)
  • Darina — land use & management, forestry management & firefighting
  • Ekayim — medicine & healing
  • Erigol
  • Esida — military training, naval academy
  • Freehold — capital, embassies, arts & crafts, academic studies
  • Mantilis
  • Mirrai — livestock care & breeding
  • Seabring — aquaculture
  • Sunpeak
  • Telka — bioengineering, other engineering
  • Varhaven
  • Vasuban

Note:  None of these barryds have been built yet.

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