Begun in February of 2009, the concept of CyberTransplantation (from which the portmanteau "cytran" is derived) is a revolutionary technological project that has evolved into an important social cornerstone of FedCom.

The concept is an extension of advanced prosthetics and near-future cybernetic human augmentation, derived from FedCom's extensive cybernetics & robotics research program (which is currently still in the development stage).  It aims to bring together the fields of biomechatronics, animatronics, robotics, and several other computer and medical specializations.

A completed cytran, if ever built (and many Malatorans believe this can be accomplished within their lifetimes), would be a cyborg of a special caliber: a living brain, controlling a completely synthetic body, through an advanced direct neural interface.  In essence, the replacement of all organic tissue, except the brain, with prosthetic parts: a logical extension of human augmentation, taken to a much higher level.

Participation in the project is purely voluntary, and only available to Malatorans.  FedCom's scientists and engineers believe the technology can be ready for human trials in the early 2050s, barring any major setbacks... perhaps sooner or later, depending on how quickly or slowly FedCom develops in the coming decades.

Currently, cytrans remain theoretical.

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