Malatorans are fiercely protective of their homeland, homes, families, and freedoms.  Any threat to these is considered extremely serious, and provokes a far stronger military response than would ever be seen for any other reason.

Generally speaking, although FedCom is not a signatory to most of the established "laws of war", its people do try to abide by such expectations as much as possible.  The Code of Malatora forbids excessive cruelty and dishonorable behavior (such as rape or torture) under any circumstances.  Even in war, they will not intentionally prolong suffering.

That said, any army that attempts to invade FedCom's homeland, and threatens the lives and freedoms of Malatorans, is in for a nasty surprise.  The rules about what level of force is permitted are different.

The "Homeland Defense Exception Policy" (HDEP)

If following the "laws of war" is in any way impractical, or places Malatorans who are fighting to protect their homeland from invaders in additional risk, those laws will be largely discarded, and the gloves will come off.

If forced to fight for their land, their homes, their families, their freedoms, and their very lives, Malatorans can and will discard all the rules restricting the use of any type of weapon or combat tactic — no holds barred.

This includes unrestricted use of WMDs against invading military forces.


Malatorans will continue to carry themselves in accordance with their moral principles.  Even if the HDEP is in effect, they will refrain from causing unnecessary pain or suffering.  They will not be cruel or immoral.  They will even respect enemies that want them dead.

Prisoners of War

The taking of POWs during a major invasion of Malatora will certainly be limited, by military necessity.  FedCom is a small nation, with limited means, and probably won't be able to support a large number of prisoners.  If taking POWs will not place stress on Malatoran society, then a few may be taken...

But if a large number of hostile troops surrender, FedCom's limited supplies and personnel means we won't be able to effectively house and guard the prisoners, and probably won't have enough food and medical supplies for them and our own people.  If stuck with the choice of deliberately sacrificing our ability to fight by accommodating prisoners, and continuing to fight for freedom, Malatorans universally choose freedom.

Unfortunately, POW parole is not accepted or respected by any of the world's militaries anymore, so that is not an option.  Faced with the inability to support masses of POWs who will undoubtably try to escape or harm our citizens, and no way to ensure they don't just recycle back into their units the moment they are sent home, there is little choice in the matter.

Regrettably, if prisoners can't be kept, and they can't be released, then FedCom has no choice but to resort to the ancient method of dealing with this predicament... and give no quarter.

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