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Freehold is the first city FedCom is planning to construct on Malatora Island.  The city is mainly a prototype and proof-of-concept for the barryd idea, and follows an unusual open-air building plan.

It has not been constructed at the current date.


Freehold's core section is circular, nestled in a crater-like depression, approximately 600 meters in diameter.  Residential space is tucked under a sheltering overhang around the entire perimeter.  Around the crater floor are rings of footpaths, parks, trees, fountains, and small waterways.  At the center stands a wide but squat pillar with a glass dome on top, and long beams reaching out like rays to the crater rim.

The city does not support automobile traffic.  Residents commute by walking.

Elevation: 1,014 meters
Climate: high-altitude tropical

Designed population limit: about 10,000 humanoids & taurs
+ about 500 dragons

Water sources: rainwater collection
mountain runoff
Energy sources: geothermal
hydrogen fuel cells
methane gas

Major industries and servicesEdit

National capital & foreign embassiesEdit

Freehold is ideally situated to be the nation's center of government and foreign relations.  As the first FedCom population center and colony on the island, it sets precedent for our permanent habitation of the island, and will need to support our government by itself right from the start.  Placing embassies here also allows us to impress foreign ambassadors and dignitaries, and gives them a direct view of our society at work, helping them to better understand our culture.

Arts & craftsEdit

The main economic focus of the city is its advanced arts & crafts department, generating some of the finest quality craftsmanship of home products in the entire nation (and world).  Wood furniture produced here is a major trade item, along with stonework, metalwork, gemstones & jewelry, and fine textiles.

Academic studiesEdit

Home to an extensive library and a major college, Freehold's many skilled artisans also frequently take on apprentices, making the city a major center of learning and education.

Citadel surface support & entranceEdit

At the heart of the city, the tunnel that leads to Citadel Base begins, providing a direct link to that industrial heavyweight, as well as the security of having such a strong shelter close at hand.  Freehold is built using mostly stone excavated from Citadel construction, and construction on both can commence simultaneously, or Freehold can be built first.  The city and shelter mutually support each other, though both can also function independently.