FedCom is a goal-oriented society, always looking toward the future and making plans to achieve and exploit success.  This is in notable contrast to most nations, who usually only react to change.

Primary Objective:Edit

The current primary objective of FedCom is the establishment of functional de facto sovereignty and legal jurisdiction over the small uninhabited corner of the island immediately surrounding the proposed site for Freehold (FedCom's planned capital city).  Malatorans seek this goal as a means of securing their traditional freedoms and rights, protecting their unique economy and culture from external coercion, and to exercise their inalienable right to self-determination.

At no point does the pursuit of this goal require the infringing of anyone else's rights or freedoms.  The intended territory for this colony is uninhabited.  The impact to neighboring countries will be either minimal, or greatly beneficial (through new trade routes, and the flow of information and skills) and stabilizing.

This goal will be achieved by peaceful means, if at all possible.

For more details about why this is a goal, see justifications for FedCom secession.

Secondary Objectives:Edit

Regional Social UpliftingEdit

FedCom seeks to become a major regional economic and military powerhouse, and use that influence to gently guide and help other nations throughout the region, affecting positive improvements to quality of life, social welfare, rights and freedoms, economics, and anything else that will be of benefit to the region and its population.

FedCom wishes to use it's own success as an example and positive role-model, in the hope that other nations would wish to emulate us and enjoy similar success.

Regional Humanitarian AssistanceEdit

While FedCom maintains a non-interventionist policy in foreign affairs, it cannot stand by and ignore humanitarian suffering caused by natural disasters and the crime of genocide.

FedCom would deploy its resources to help heal and prevent such suffering whenever possible.

Cytran DeploymentEdit

FedCom has significant support for various transhumanist ideals, and has its own special cybernetics endeavor: the Cytran Project.

Biological UpliftingEdit

FedCom has significant interest in genetic engineering, for the purpose of creating uplifted sapient species to stand alongside humanity and cytrans, as equals, to share the universe with.

Space ProgramEdit

FedCom has long-term plans for the next few centuries, including the colonization of the moon (Luna), and possibly the upper clouds of Venus... as well as extensive asteroid mining for resources, and space exploration in the pursuit of knowledge.

FedCom's plans for the moon may be an alternative to expansion on Earth, depending on future events.

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