FedCom has been and continues to be a secretive nation, and is a fan of isolationism and autarky (economic self-sufficiency).

FedCom's early history can be traced to a club of friends, started in 1993, which survived until 1999. In 2000, the club was resurrected as a new-nation project named "The Federated Commonwealth": its goal was to forge a new nation, built on the principles of egalitarianism and freedom. It would take the form of a federation for the common well-being of all citizens (thus, the name).

Since then, FedCom has evolved and undergone many revisions, but has always remained true to its original objective: creating a free and equal society.

For several years, FedCom was dominated by a militaristic / survivalist mindset, and the military played a key role in the government -- it was widely assumed than any new-nation project would be forced to fight for its independence, so this was seen as a necessity for survival.

In recent months, this aggressive attitude has given way to a cautious but friendly society, which simply desires to be left in peace.