Template:FedCom The Great Temple of Mankind is an idea proposed by Robert Lord of the Federated Commonwealth of Malatora.


As described in the FedCom forums:

The Great Temple of Mankind is a proposed historical repository and construction project on the order of the Great Pyramids at Giza.  If it is ever completed, it would almost certainly be named a Wonder of the Modern World.
The basic idea is to build, perhaps into the side of a mountain with very stable geology, a giant museum that is built to last for hundreds of thousands or even millions of years.  The reason for this is that any beings that dig it up will have full access to the entire history and knowledge of our species, like a sort of giant "time capsule" to span the eons.
This complex would be constructed and integrated with the most advanced technology we have available.  For example, we can use the knowledge and techniques of Nikola Tesla to integrate crystalline glyphs into the walls that glow internally, and we can also use his work to create seemingly sourceless light that fills entire rooms, and so on.  The effect is to awe and inspire anyone who tours the facility, as well as show off our finest technological achievements to whoever finds this "time capsule" in the distant future.
To keep it ambiguous, the historical records would have to be kept exclusively to a scientific and forensic perspective.  All religions would also be recorded, but not as part of the official historical record.
This museum would make the Carnegie Institute look like a small-town library.
We should also consider adding an adjacent section to describe all our accumulated knowledge of the natural world, and the history and evolution of our planet.  Possibly even a section for our knowledge of stellar cartography and the rest of the universe.
In short, this would be the most comprehensive library of human knowledge ever assembled. The total amount of data would exceed that of the Library of Congress and the Carnegie Institute in Washington D.C. combined, and would be built to last until whoever finds it in the far future.  So even if our species is wiped out, a future race of sentient beings will be able to decipher and learn everything there is to know about us.  In effect, this is akin to the dinosaurs leaving a vast historical database for us to find.  It ensures that the essence of humanity will survive, even though our bones may have long turned to dust and fossils."
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