The Federated Commonwealth of Malatora maintains a strong connection to its military background, though the military itself no longer plays an active role in the daily business of the government.

The Federated Commonwealth Defense Force (FCDF) is the national military command authority, with direct control over the Navy and Touman forces, and a close relationship with the various National Guard units.  While the Navy has military jurisdiction over the sea and the air above it, the Toumans operate on land, using extensive combined-arms tactics.  All military forces, regardless of branch or origin, are marked with the FedCom Roundel (not just aircraft).

Forces, Personnel, and Present Capabilities


Information about FedCom military units and equipment is restricted to FedCom's citizens only.  The military is planned out in considerable detail, with equipment constantly undergoing revisions and improvements to adapt to changing situations and emerging technologies.


Service is voluntary, but all citizens are strongly encouraged to enlist for at least 2 years in the National Guard of their State.  This facilitates defensive skills and technical knowledge in the general population, creating more productive and confident citizens.  These forces are used purely for homeland defense: the Guard will not be equipped for offensive action (which falls under the purview of the Toumans).

Due to their tactical abilities, Cytrans can be drafted into a military or medical capacity upon the development of a crisis situation.  This form of temporary conscription is justified by the physical capabilities Cytrans will possess, which considerably eclipses that of the average human.  Cytrans would view military service as a way of protecting the lives of the more vulnerable members of society ("the strong defend the weak").

Present Capabilities

All FCDF warriors are proficient (or training) in at least one style of martial arts, and are familiar with common military tactics and the operation of firearms.  Forces are equipped with camouflage, small-caliber firearms, and a few melee weapons.  The FCDF possesses no armored vehicles, but it does have several civilian automobiles available for transport.  The primary focus is presently restricted to self-defense, but FCDF forces are familiar with a variety of techniques used by special-forces units of militaries around the world.


There are extensive plans and designs for a wide variety of vessels for FedCom's future navy.  Many of the warships are advanced submarines, designed to avoid the dangers of modern anti-ship missiles and move with considerable stealth and speed at impressive depths.

National Guard

Each State is allowed and encouraged to establish its own military forces for self-defense and humanitarian purposes. How these units are structured is entirely up to the State government, but they generally echo that of a Touman. Training is usually on a part-time basis.

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