Template:FedCom National Flag:

File:Malatorian Flag.png

National Seal:

File:Seal of FedCom.png

Seal description and symbolism:
A golden eagle with outspread wings fills most of a blue circle, representing strength, unity, and unwavering resolve... the blue circle represents a window into the future, through which the flying eagle carries the future into the present... the eagle clutches a pair of golden olive branches in its talons, symbolizing peace, justice, and freedom from oppression... the eagle's sharp talons represent a ready willingness to use force to correct a wrong: to use might to make right. The golden perimeter represents a bright future for all sapient beings.

Military Roundels:

Adopted 3 April 2009. Used on all military units and aircraft as the universal distinguishing symbol.

National Motto: "Ignis aurum probat" (Latin: "Fire tests gold" referring to the refinement of character through adversity)

National Anthem: Titans (by Vangelis)

Founding Fathers:

  • Robert Lord (principle founder)
  • Skyler Putman (co-founder)
  • Zachary Simmons (co-founder)

National Animals:

National Plants:

National Game: Go

National Pastimes: Martial Arts, Falconry, Woodsball (paintball)

National Religion: None (secular state)
(officially atheist, but there are no existing restrictions on beliefs, provided such beliefs do not contradict FedCom law, or interfere in society or the rights of others)

Standards of Measurement: Metric System (Kelvin preferred over Celsius)

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