Reborn is military sci-fi novel about the future of Malatora, written by a citizen of FedCom, under the pseudonym Ryan Ashkoort.

It is conjectural-fiction, and tells a story about a dragon Cytran, and his adventures while FedCom struggles to achieve independence.

Although the characters and events are fictitious, the description of Malatora itself is accurate, and the vision of FedCom portrayed in the story was heavily based on the real-world version FedCom had envisioned for its own future (at that time).  Cytran technology and capabilities are extensively explored throughout the story, and many major elements of FedCom's real-world culture are displayed and discussed.

For those seeking to learn more about the real FedCom, this story is an excellent place to begin.  The book, in its entirety, has been made publicly visible on this website.  It is also available on FurAffinity, here.

What is depicted in this novel is an early version of FedCom, and does not reflect the current intention.  Reborn is fiction, and a rough introduction to the cytran concept... nothing more.