Template:FedCom The Remembrance is a poem detailing the history of the Federated Commonwealth of Malatora.


As of 6 August 2009, this poem no longer serves FedCom purposes, and work on it has been halted indefinitely.  FedCom no longer has a "national epic".

Full Text:

Hark, Children of FedCom,
To the wisdom of the Founders and your forebears.
Know what has come before;
Remember it as you strive toward the future.

A new Era for Humanity shall come,
The Time of Malatora shall begin.
The Federated Commonwealth soon shall rise,
The Human Golden Age shall have begun.

The Days of Yesterday are passed,
And from Today, Tomorrow comes.
And thus we seek to create anew,
A Nation for many centuries shall last.

The Seeds of Revolution have been planted,
And grow they shall to a mighty Tree.
The Beginnings have been been started,
Of the great Land that shall all us make free.

Tomorrow's Dawn is soon in coming,
And the Light soon shall shine,
On our Nation, proud and great,
And our People, filled with grace.
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