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FedCom Flag
National Flag of Malatora
Motto: "Ignis Aurum Probat"
Anthem: ---

Demonym: Malatoran
Language: English  (100% fluent)
Religion: None  (secular state)
Population: 35 members
+58 supporters
+5 Phoenix Protocol

Founded: September, 2000 AD
Independence: (undeclared)
Government: Federal republic, with consensus democracy
Capital City: Freehold

Regional Area: Gulf of Guinea
Coordinates: (withheld from public)
Time Zone: UTC  (no DST)
Land Area: < 40 km2
Calling Code: ---
Internet TLD: [ .fc ]

The Federated Commonwealth of Malatora, commonly known by the shorthand "FedCom", is a new-nation project actively focused upon an island in the Gulf of Guinea, off the western equatorial coast of Central Africa.  The people of FedCom reject the current internationally-known name for the island (████████), and choose instead to call the island by their own name: Malatora.  This is FedCom's adopted homeland.

Commonly classified as a "micronation" by other micronations, FedCom operates primarily through the internet as a global community of friends and adoptive family.


The current primary objective of FedCom is the establishment of functional de facto sovereignty and legal jurisdiction over the small uninhabited corner of the island immediately surrounding the proposed site for Freehold (FedCom's planned capital city).  Malatorans seek this goal as a means of securing their traditional freedoms and rights, protecting their unique economy and culture from external coercion, and to exercise their inalienable right to self-determination.

At no point does the pursuit of this goal require the infringing of anyone else's rights or freedoms.  The intended territory for this colony is uninhabited.  The impact to neighboring countries will be either minimal, or greatly beneficial (through new trade routes, and the flow of information and skills) and stabilizing.

This goal will be achieved by peaceful means, if at all possible.

For more details about why this is a goal, see justifications for FedCom secession.
Additional goals that follow are dependent or supportive of this goal.  For more details, see goals of FedCom.

Society and Culture

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Government and Politics

Foreign Affairs


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