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The Code of Malatora is a set of moral guidelines that all Malatorans agree to follow to the best of their abilities.

Rights & FreedomsEdit

FedCom is currently drafting a comprehensive Bill of Rights for all citizens and subjects, to specify and help protect their natural and social rights and freedoms.  It contains many rights recognized around the world in most countries, but also a few additional rights and freedoms, better fitting into the expanded and enlightened Malatoran social sense of freedom and autonomy.

In particular, when compared to other countries today, Malatorans support greater freedoms and rights in topics related, but not limited to:

  • LGBT rights,
  • gender equality,
  • lack of any discrimination,
  • support for naturism,
  • animal rights & protections against abuses.

Sophont-based RightsEdit

A particularly proactive measure is the official support for stripping the term "human" from documents detailing rights and freedoms.  The term "sapient being" or "sophont" carries equivalent weight, without defining a single species (which would be speciesist), allowing the definition to expand to all conceviable creatures and beings capable of human-equivalent intelligence.  This proactively eliminates all controversy and complications involving the legal rights of any non-human sophonts — it recognizes that such beings will inevitably be created (cytrans, bio-uplifts, artificial intelligences, etc.) at a very minimum... and this policy shift also leaves the door open for possibly encountering additional such beings in the future (extraterrestrial contact).


The Cytran Project has had a fundamental impact on Malatoran culture, and has caused enormous shifts in social rights & freedoms, economics, ideas about national defense, and significant long-term social project and contingency planning.

Dragons of MalatoraEdit

The Cytran Project has also fueled the development of a subculture that is presently known as the Dragons of Malatora: individuals who choose to become dragons when cytran tech grants that ability.  The dragon is

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