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*Lifemates: <none>
*Lifemates: <none>
*Denmates: [[Fire Storm|Chakat Fire Storm]]
*Denmates: [[Fire Storm|Chakat Fire Storm]]
*Companions: [[Rodaph]]
==Contact Information & External Links==
==Contact Information & External Links==

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Chakat Tigerstripe is the original founder of FedCom, a friendly and helpful Malatoran with lots of ideas and advice, and the creator of the Cytran Project and a strong advocate of the technology.

Cytran formEdit

Tigerstripe has made the choice to become a cytran at the earliest practical opportunity.  The form shi has chosen is that of a chakat, mostly because of the natural affinity shi feels for that form and associated cultural and philosophical values and ideals.  It is a deeply personal choice, and one that shi feels will be the most conductive to hir self-expression and development as an individual.  If there was any other means to be transformed thusly, Tiger would take it... but the cytran option (however farfetched naysayers claim it is) is currently the soonest and most practical real-world possibility of achieving the closest semblance to that goal.

It is a strange coincidence and irony that the fur pattern Tiger finds most attractive, is virtually identical to that of the first fictional chakat... and Tiger could very likely become the first real chakat.

Personal RelationshipsEdit

Tigerstripe is a polyamorist who uses the chakat relationship system to organize hir lovers by degree of seriousness.

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